Forms of Energy

by Martin A. Montes [A brief survey of the different facets of energy.]

As part of a universal consciousness, I am in awe of this phenomenal existence. Every moment, every sound, every thought is a birth of life, of love, of energy. The unlimited spiritual potential available for us on earth is truly incomprehensible. The reality that there is no end to knowledge means that we will never starve in our hunger for spiritual nourishment. Energy is the expression of creation. Energy is in everything. Anything tangible or intangible exists.

A few years ago, I Boosts had to put my beloved cat of seventeen years to sleep. On the third night after this loss, I had the following profound dream: I was walking through my living room and was shocked to see my deceased cat sitting on the sofa. She was illuminated in white light and was grooming herself as she always did. I knew she had just died three days ago and I couldn’t believe I was seeing her. Continue reading Forms of Energy