2008 Astrological Forecast

The following predictions and forecast for all 12 zodiac signs include the lunar cycles, which are the New and Full moons. Birthday’s that fall on these days have significant meaning. Simply put, if your birthday falls on a new moon, it is a sign of a “birth” or a new beginning in your identity. New moons can also trigger a loss, which then becomes a birth of something new. New Moon celebrity birthdays are more likely to make headlines, than the full moon celebrity birthdays.

If your birthday falls on a full moon, it is a sign of completion. I will elaborate more on the new moons since they often trigger events that illuminate our identity in a new way. Full moons often trigger emotional healing, domestic changes or a change in the family tree. They are hidden from view most of the time and emotions are dealt with introspectively. Continue reading 2008 Astrological Forecast