Celebrity Pisces

The Full moon typically impacts your family dynamics or your domestic environment. Anything from a birth to a death is possible. Full moon cycles tend to make us more emotional than usual. We tend to feel the waxing full moon 3 days before it starts to wane. The Full moon on Feb 22 will start its global impact on Feb 19th. Those born from Feb 20th – Feb 24th will be affected on a wider scale from August 2015 – August 2016.
The full moon celebrities include: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rihanna, Sidney Poitier, Charles Barkley, Ivana Trump, Kelsey Grammer, Drew Barrymore, Kristin Davis, Peter Fonda, Julius Erving, and Dakota Fanning. Continue reading Celebrity Pisces

Venus, the planet of love and happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending love to my family, friends, former lovers’, my awesome pets and to my “soon-to-meet-soulmate”.

Venus, The goddess of love and happiness, is the planet that attracts beauty and love to you. What sign and house is your Venus?

Venus in Aries / 1st house – attracted to physical love, loves to feel affection.

Venus in Taurus / 2nd house – attracted to beautiful and quality possessions, loves to receive gifts.

Venus in Gemini / 3rd house – attracted to facial qualities, especially the mouth, loves an intellect.

Venus in Cancer / 4th house – attracted to sensitive and kind souls, loves to cook for their partner.

Venus in Leo / 5th house – attracted to energetic and fun-loving people, loves to be entertained.

Venus in Virgo / 6th house – attracted to good clothes and dressers, loves good hygiene. Continue reading Venus, the planet of love and happiness.

Super Bowl 50 – Peyton Manning the winner?

This is the short and sweet of this! Manning’s birthday is March 24, 1976. His chart is off the chain active. He has transits from Uranus and Pluto to his moon, and there’s a huge lunar eclipse on March 23rd, the day before his birthday.

In numerology, Manning is in a nine cycle which means the year of endings. This will most likely be Manning’s final year and how will he depart this amazing career? Most likely with a Super Bowl win!

Congrats to Cam Newton for winning the MVP. Well deserved! But Peyton’s astrology chart is active and very specific and aligned to divine providence.

Also, the age of 39 is very very karmic…and Peyton has good Karma! Tis written in the stars!  I believe in the science of astrology, so I look forward to a great Peyton Finale.