Venus, the planet of love and happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending love to my family, friends, former lovers’, my awesome pets and to my “soon-to-meet-soulmate”.

Venus, The goddess of love and happiness, is the planet that attracts beauty and love to you. What sign and house is your Venus?

Venus in Aries / 1st house – attracted to physical love, loves to feel affection.

Venus in Taurus / 2nd house – attracted to beautiful and quality possessions, loves to receive gifts.

Venus in Gemini / 3rd house – attracted to facial qualities, especially the mouth, loves an intellect.

Venus in Cancer / 4th house – attracted to sensitive and kind souls, loves to cook for their partner.

Venus in Leo / 5th house – attracted to energetic and fun-loving people, loves to be entertained.

Venus in Virgo / 6th house – attracted to good clothes and dressers, loves good hygiene. Continue reading Venus, the planet of love and happiness.

Super Bowl 50 – Peyton Manning the winner?

This is the short and sweet of this! Manning’s birthday is March 24, 1976. His chart is off the chain active. He has transits from Uranus and Pluto to his moon, and there’s a huge lunar eclipse on March 23rd, the day before his birthday.

In numerology, Manning is in a nine cycle which means the year of endings. This will most likely be Manning’s final year and how will he depart this amazing career? Most likely with a Super Bowl win!

Congrats to Cam Newton for winning the MVP. Well deserved! But Peyton’s astrology chart is active and very specific and aligned to divine providence.

Also, the age of 39 is very very karmic…and Peyton has good Karma! Tis written in the stars!  I believe in the science of astrology, so I look forward to a great Peyton Finale.

Leonardo DiCaprio will win the Oscar – Tis written in the stars

Leonardo DiCaprio will win Oscar – Tis written in the stars.

January 14, 2016

Believers and non-believers have often quoted, “if the starts are aligned” or “if it’s written in the stars” as a plea – hoping that the universal time clock is correct for a positive outcome for a venture, passion, or proposal.

Although many don’t follow the cosmos, there’s a divine script that’s unfolding for everyone’s fate, and the time for great jubilation is written in the stars.

A couple years back, I prepared for my monthly TV appearance for the live morning show called, Studio 10, at the local CBS affiliate in Tampa Florida. I was to predict the winners for the Best Actor and Actress for the upcoming 2014 Academy Awards. Continue reading Leonardo DiCaprio will win the Oscar – Tis written in the stars

2014 Astrological Forecast

Lunar Cycles:
New Moons mark a shift in life. It is important to be aware if your birthday falls on the day before, the day of, or the day after a new moon. This lunar cycle advises that some form of change may take place usually within the new moon cycle which is six months before to six months after the actual new moon. The new moons for 2014 are:

January 1, January 30, March 1, March 30, April 29 (solar eclipse), May 28, June 27,
July 26, August 25, September 24, October 23 (solar eclipse), November 22, December 21. Continue reading 2014 Astrological Forecast

2013 Astrological Forecast

Lunar Cycles:

New Moons mark a shift in life. It is important to be aware if your birthday falls on the day before, the day of, or the day after a new moon. This lunar cycle advises that some form of change may take place usually within the new moon cycle which is six months before to six months after the actual new moon. The new moons for 2013 are:

January 11, February 10, March 11, April 10, May 9 (solar eclipse), June 8, July 8, August 6, September 5, October 4, November 3 (solar eclipse), December 2 Continue reading 2013 Astrological Forecast

2012 Astrological Forecast

Welcome to an amazing 2012. This is shaping up to be a transformative year for the planet. The square from Uranus to Pluto is a global aspect which is asking us to change the way we treat each other and run business. The universe is reminding us that every successful venture begins with a foundation of love and respect for each other. This influence also reminds us that service to humanity is the impetus of further existence. This spiritually induced year is illuminating everyone’s consciousness as a whole.

Difficult times triggers awareness. It is during these challenging times that we question our faith and subsequently become more receptive to positive changes. Earth is simply our spiritual schoolroom to learn lessons in love. Those lessons are not easy, but they are definitely meaningful, and liberating, and bring miracles into our lives. This year is the time to allow your heart to be free from anguish and to be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Continue reading 2012 Astrological Forecast

2011 Astrological Forecast

(Inner Planets)

Mercury, the planet of communication, starts and ends the year in free- spirited Sagittarius. It takes Mercury roughly 10-11 months to complete its orbit around the sun. Mercury will retrograde three times this year. Communication issues arise, travel delays may occur, and computer problems are very common during these periods. Remember to read the fine print with all documents that require a signature. The retrograde periods are:

March 30 – April 23

August 2 – August 26

November 24 – December 13 Continue reading 2011 Astrological Forecast

2009-10 Eclipses, Economy and More

Earth is our spiritual schoolroom where we come to learn, heal and grow. It is the toughest of all the learning dimensions, but it is here that we can learn the most in a short amount of time.

Solar eclipses happen when the moon obscures the sun’s light to Earth during a new moon phase. Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth blocks the sun’s light to the moon during a full moon phase. Eclipses are astrological phenomenon’s that propel us to more awareness, thus leading us to additional spiritual truths. They do ignite change, and some changes can be major. Continue reading 2009-10 Eclipses, Economy and More

It’s In The Stars

Story and photo by John Chambrone

God. Buddha. Allah. Mohammed. Elvis. Most of us believe there is some sort of omniscient “being” out there with a guiding hand in our travels along this plain. I recently spent an afternoon with local astrologer Martin Montes and we discussed the science of it.

After giving him my birthday and time of birth, he got on the computer and printed out my “star chart.” As read it, I was very surprised that he touched on a lot of things that have occurred in my life. I am a skeptical individual, but this was really cool. How the constellations were aligned at the date, time and location of my birth, formed a “blueprint,” he said, of my destiny.

Continue reading It’s In The Stars

2008 Astrological Forecast

The following predictions and forecast for all 12 zodiac signs include the lunar cycles, which are the New and Full moons. Birthday’s that fall on these days have significant meaning. Simply put, if your birthday falls on a new moon, it is a sign of a “birth” or a new beginning in your identity. New moons can also trigger a loss, which then becomes a birth of something new. New Moon celebrity birthdays are more likely to make headlines, than the full moon celebrity birthdays.

If your birthday falls on a full moon, it is a sign of completion. I will elaborate more on the new moons since they often trigger events that illuminate our identity in a new way. Full moons often trigger emotional healing, domestic changes or a change in the family tree. They are hidden from view most of the time and emotions are dealt with introspectively. Continue reading 2008 Astrological Forecast


by Martin Montes

During a recent and meaningful phone conversation about our spiritual purpose on Earth, I asked a fellow lightworker and dear friend named Loretta, from the East coast of Florida, “Why are some lessons so shocking and painful like a sudden divorce, illness, or a tragedy resulting in a death of a loved one?” She replied, “The intensity behind such occurrences is the impetus for one to awaken to their spiritual mission.”

Her reply made complete sense. I, like many, experienced my share of ups and downs, especially the first 33 years of my life. I gradually became aware that Earth was a school room where we incarnate to learn lessons for our soul. It took a little while getting used to the role of student, since I had felt like a victim for so long, after suffering a rough childhood and a couple of heartaches and heartbreaks in relationships. However, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, awakened me up for good. Continue reading Awakening

An Inside Job

by Martin Montes

The educational platform called “earth” is designed to teach us spiritual lessons for our soul’s growth. This schoolroom is set up perfectly the way it is. There is one prerequisite that is needed when preparing ourselves as students for our learning. That prerequisite is the commitment to creating a clean, peaceful and harmonious internal environment.

We often make the erroneous assumption of looking on the external for this preparation. We focus on our bodies, homes, vehicles, and other physical things. But that kind of clean up is usually short-lived. Cleaning up our internal environment is where we need to begin. This focus elevates our level of consciousness. When we commit to our inner world, it becomes habitual. We are all creatures of habit. Let us become aware of the unlimited resources from within; it will start a very positive effect on Earth. Continue reading An Inside Job

Forms of Energy

by Martin A. Montes [A brief survey of the different facets of energy.]

As part of a universal consciousness, I am in awe of this phenomenal existence. Every moment, every sound, every thought is a birth of life, of love, of energy. The unlimited spiritual potential available for us on earth is truly incomprehensible. The reality that there is no end to knowledge means that we will never starve in our hunger for spiritual nourishment. Energy is the expression of creation. Energy is in everything. Anything tangible or intangible exists.

A few years ago, I Boosts had to put my beloved cat of seventeen years to sleep. On the third night after this loss, I had the following profound dream: I was walking through my living room and was shocked to see my deceased cat sitting on the sofa. She was illuminated in white light and was grooming herself as she always did. I knew she had just died three days ago and I couldn’t believe I was seeing her. Continue reading Forms of Energy