2011 Astrological Forecast

(Inner Planets) Mercury, the planet of communication, starts and ends the year in free- spirited Sagittarius. It takes Mercury roughly 10-11 months to complete its orbit around the sun. Mercury will retrograde three times this year. Communication issues arise, travel delays may occur, and computer problems are very common during these periods. Remember to read …

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2010 Astrological Forecast

Aries Those born March 19-20 will feel the conjunction from transiting Uranus, the planet of sudden change and independence. This can trigger some nervous, but exciting energy, and a strong desire to break free from a limiting belief or lifestyle. Aries born March 20-23 will experience the conjunction from transiting Jupiter, the planet of luck …

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It’s In The Stars

Story and photo by John Chambrone God. Buddha. Allah. Mohammed. Elvis. Most of us believe there is some sort of omniscient “being” out there with a guiding hand in our travels along this plain. I recently spent an afternoon with local astrologer Martin Montes and we discussed the science of it. After giving him my …

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