2008 Astrological Forecast

The following predictions and forecast for all 12 zodiac signs include the lunar cycles, which are the New and Full moons. Birthday’s that fall on these days have significant meaning. Simply put, if your birthday falls on a new moon, it is a sign of a “birth” or a new beginning in your identity. New moons can also trigger a loss, which then becomes a birth of something new. New Moon celebrity birthdays are more likely to make headlines, than the full moon celebrity birthdays.

If your birthday falls on a full moon, it is a sign of completion. I will elaborate more on the new moons since they often trigger events that illuminate our identity in a new way. Full moons often trigger emotional healing, domestic changes or a change in the family tree. They are hidden from view most of the time and emotions are dealt with introspectively.

They’re 13 lunar cycles in a calendar year. It takes the moon roughly 28 days to complete its orbit around Earth. Since there are only 12 zodiac signs and 12 calendar months, one zodiac sign will have 2 new and full moons. The calendar month or sign that has the extra full moon is also called “a blue moon” – a popular phrase coined for its rarity.

The following Predictions and Forecasts are accurate for all 12 zodiac signs. However it doesn’t replace having your own astrological chart consultation because every chart is individualistic—outlining your specific spiritual contract.

Aries- (Assertive, courageous, independent, pioneering, energetic)

Those born March 20-22 are under going major transformations regarding your identity. Major events such as a birth or death is common, at times the death is more psychological, than physical, but not always. Immense spiritual growth is taking place. People, places and things will change. Allow these changes to take place and try not to resist. Resistance of growth can trigger anxiety, panic, and anger.

All Aries have Jupiter squaring their sign. Jupiter rules expansion, luck, abundance, optimism, and wisdom. Jupiter tends to magnify things, so make sure you’re living from a spiritual mindset of joy, creativity, and love as to attract more abundance and less ego behavior.

Lunar Cycles- New moon in your sign falls on the 5th. Those born April 4th- 6th are impacted. This brings a new beginning and an added dimension to the identity. Mercury transits the new moon a week later and this could trigger a desire to communicate, lecture, or travel. It also can bring social activities, educational pursuits, and a desire to partake in community organizations. Venus transits the new moon on the third week of April and this could trigger a romantic opportunity. To quote Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see.”

Full Moon falls on March 21 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Legendary Actress Bette Davis would turn 100 is she were alive today. Retired General Colin Powell also has a Jupiter return. He’ll make the news in 2008. (Star trek fame actor William Shatner’s birthday is 3/22, but he’s getting a tough square from Pluto, so he too can make the new in some capacity.)

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Rosie O’Donnell, Matthew Broderick,

In addition to the full moon, these celebrities have transiting Pluto squaring their sign, so this Full Moon is emotionally significant, and the effects were felt as early as 4th quarter of 2007.

Taurus- (Practical, reliable, steadfast, wealth, luxury)

This is an empowering year for Taurus’s. Major planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto make favorable aspects to your sign and provide solid energy in 2008. Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, will trine your sign which will trigger more ease and optimism in life and make your more generous. Your popularity can also increase among others.

Neptune, the planet of inspiration and redemption, squares those born May 11th -16th. This is a lesson of letting go of past hurts and to release unconscious behaviors that hold you back from joy. It is also a lesson to learn how to relax and develop positive aesthetics such as yoga, meditation, and playing an instrument if latent musical ambition surfaces.

Lunar Cycles- New moon falls in your sign on the 5th. Those born May 4th- 6th are impacted. This brings a new birth in identity. Because transiting Saturn is trining this new moon, it may trigger growth and a new position in career matters. Venus also makes a transit this new moon on the second week in May, and this may bring new opportunities for added financial stability.

Full Moons falls on April 20 and May 19 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actress Ann B. Davis (who played Alice on the Brady Bunch)

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actor Andrew Shue, TV Host Carmen Electra, 2nd Full Moon / Blue Moon Celebrity Birthdays May 19th- Musicians Grace Jones, and Pete Townshend.

Gemini- (Curious, chatty, witty, social, smart)

Those born May 20th – June 10th will feel the effects of transiting Saturn. This transit is teaching you to stay disciplined in your life and to change unhealthy eating habits. Saturn also teaches you to set a daily routine of work, exercise and rest and lessons in patience may surface in the form of delays and frustration. Since Saturn is in the mutable sign of Virgo squaring your mutable sign of Gemini, lessons between quality and quantity will surface and mutable signs tend to learn better, vicariously. Which means you can learn a lot by reading, talking, listening, and through other people’s experiences.

Those born June 10th -14th will experience both the Uranus and Saturn square from the end of October 2008 – until the first week in December 2008. This is called a t-square and the main focus during this time is education, spiritual studies, travel, or any metaphysical pursuits.

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on the 3rd. Those born June 2nd-4th are impacted. This brings a new birth in identity. The transiting Saturn square will also impact this new moon in late summer or early fall, so this will prompt one to take accountability for their life, including their identity and to be more balanced in their personal lives, including getting proper rest and taking better care of their health.

Full Moon falls on June 18 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actor Tom Arnold, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Music Icon Paul McCartney, Film critic Rodger Ebert

Celebrity Spotlight- Anderson Cooper will have a profound year in 2008. There’s new moon on his birthday, Transiting Saturn is squaring his Gemini sign, and Transiting Uranus will oppose its natal position. These aspects point to a new dimension in his identity. Although he will birth a new side to himself and to others, a sense of obligation, responsibility, and freedom are the themes for him this year.

Cancer- (Intuitive, protective, nurturing, tenacious, caring)

Those born June 21st -23rd are experiencing the Pluto opposition. This transit is teaching you to balance your life between work and family life. Relationships with others may be rocky during this time. Control and projection issues can surface. This is a time to be objective and to strike a balance with others.

Those born July 5th -14th will experience the Uranus trine. This is a great year to break out of self-imposed boundaries and to seek adventure and fulfillment. Uranus also triggers spiritual revelations, brilliant concepts, and the ability to deal with public figures.

Jupiter opposes your sign in 2008. This can trigger a job promotion or job change. Travels plans related to career is possible and a desire to further educate or delve into spiritual studies is possible.

Lunar Cycles- New moon falls in your sign on July 2nd. Those born July 1st-3rd are impacted. This brings a new birth in identity. Cancer energy on the highest octave represents unconditional love and having a solid domestic environment. So in addition to the new you stepping forward unto the world, the family life also takes on a new energy. Transiting Uranus trined your degree in 2005, bestowing revelations and breaking inner barriers, so this new moon begs you to radiate that knowledge and be the spiritual wonder that is truly you.

Full Moon falls on July 18 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Baseball player and author Jose Canseco, Actress Lindsey Lohan

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actor James Brolin, Actor Vin Diesel

Leo- (Animated, fun, dramatic, flamboyant, creative)

All Leo’s have to be prudent regarding money this year, since Saturn is in your second house of finances. Some might take on second jobs and some may become more fugal.

Leo’s born August 11th – 18th have Neptune opposing your sign this year. This is a lesson in balance between the needs of yours and others. Neptune triggers a desire to do self-less acts of love, including charity events, and humanitarian efforts…but you have to make sure your heart is in the effort and it brings your personal gratification as well. Take time to rest, don’t be a door mat, and don’t be a martyr. When you do what you love and it serves others, it’s ‘a win-win situation.

Those born August 10th -16th will experience a powerful configuration called the YOD or finger of God aspect from Uranus and Jupiter. This is a fate-like aspect so expect a fated event to manifest, especially in the first six months of 2008. The specifics on the experience vary from each person due to the individualistic chart each is born with. This YOD configuration forms again in November, but only affects those born August 10th -12th.

Eclipses –

Solar (when the moon gets in the way of the Earth picking up the sun’s rays.) Lunar (when the Earth gets in the way of the moon picking up the sun’s rays.)

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on August 1st. Those born July 31st -August 2nd are strongly impacted because this is also a powerful solar eclipse. This brings a new birth in identity. The planet Mercury conjuncts this new moon. This will trigger the desire to join organizations, to pursue academic studies, or to delve into the communication industry and find a creative outlet with print media, radio or TV. The desire to write or speak or express yourself constructively is strongly indicated.

The full moon on August 16th is very powerful because it’s also a lunar eclipse. Those born August 15th – 17th are strongly impacted. Lunar eclipses trigger emotional cleansing and domestic changes. Family structure can change and a period of completion is indicated. The energy of eclipses can last for an entire year. Eclipses can trigger events from six months before to six months after.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actor, Comedian Dom Delouse, Actress Tempestt Bledsoe, Designer Yves Saint Laurent

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actress Angela Bassett, Sportscaster Frank Gifford, Musician James Taylor, TV Host Kathy Lee Gifford, and Madonna.

Celebrity Spotlight – Madonna is turning 50 this year and the lunar eclipse falls on her birth date, the 16th. This is a very strong year of completion for her, and a shift in her life is very likely because of a second aspect, which is Saturn’s influence in Virgo, which is her ascendant sign or rising sign. The Saturn aspect is a mark of a career shift. The Lunar eclipse rules emotion, so this year could be an emotional one for her. A change in her domestic environment or family tree is indicated. Lunar moons have been known to trigger births, so a possible new child could enter her life. No doubly she’ll make the headlines again this year.

Virgo- (Discerning, caretakers, analytical, detail-oriented, worker)

Those born August 23rd – Sept 14th will experience the Saturn conjunction. This is a time of maturity for those folks. Saturn energy triggers an awareness that prompts you to get real about people, places, and things in your life. This is a time to set a daily routine of work, exercise, and rest. Health issues can surface so now is the time to change to healthier heating habits. It is also a time to set personal boundaries with others, and to learn lessons in self-reliance. A lesson in patience is also possible – which comes in the form of delays and frustration. Be kind, but honest with yourself and silence the inner critic.

Jupiter makes a trine aspect, or a blessing to all Virgo’s this year. This will help you cope with the Saturn transit and keep you focus on personal growth, and to be generous and kinder toward yourself.

Uranus makes an opposition to those born Sept 7th -15th. This will trigger a desire to break free from restrictive, toxic, and negative people in your life. A need for freedom and adventure is strong, but please make any changes responsibly and not impulsively or abruptly. Relationship issues can also surface.

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on August 30th. Those born August 29th – August 31st are impacted. This brings a new birth in identity. This new moon is especially strong because the degree was impacted by a lunar eclipse in 2007 and transiting Saturn in 2007 and again in 2008. This symbolizes the need to build a career structure, a vocation that serves the needs of others, and to establish a daily routine of exercise and healthy eating. The need to set personal boundaries and self-discipline is very strong.

Full Moon falls on Sept 15 2008.

February 21st is a full moon lunar eclipse. Those born August 23rd –August 25th are going through tough emotional energy. Saturn’s transit through Virgo combined with this eclipse can trigger domestic change or a change in the family structure.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actress Cameron Diaz, Sex Therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Actress and Advocate Lisa Ling

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino, Prince Harry of England.

Toward the latter part of the CD, I will also speak about the changes in store for specific decades and generations.

Libra- (Intellectual, harmonious, courteous, diplomatic, charming)

Those born Sept 23rd -25th are going through personal transformation due to the Pluto square. People, places and things often change during this time. Although some of these changes are forced and some might even involve a loss of a loved one, this time period is a gateway to a new and improved life that will reap rewards for years to come. Fated events are also possible. This is a time to stay conscious, grow spiritually, and make appropriate changes that are divinely-guided.

Jupiter also makes a square aspect to all Librans in 2008. This aspect asked you to be humbled, honest, and happy – and not give your ego valuable time.

And finally, Neptune trines your sign, especially those born Oct 12th -18th. This transit makes you extremely empathic to others. Your insight and social qualities can draw a lot of people into your life.

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on Sept 29th. Those born Sept 28th – 30th are impacted. This brings a new birth in identity. This new moon will activate in late August and the 1st week in Sept due to the transiting stellium of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This will trigger a very active and social time, if not an active and social year. This new moon is especially important for being the spiritual light that you were born to be, and not conforming to the wishes of others. Transiting Pluto will start to square this degree in 2009 and 2010 which will illuminate all the energy from this new moon.

Full Moon falls on October 14 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Broadcaster Bryant Gumball, Comedian Andrew Dice Clay

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Design Ralph Lauren

Scorpio-(Passionate, intense, strong-willed, powerful, secretive)

Those born November 7th-15th will have a good year. The Neptune square along with a Uranus trine – makes for a year of breakthroughs, especially from self-imposed “unconscious” blocks. A sense of personal freedom and spiritual revelations makes things clearer. The desire to release the past, and live in the present is triggered.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all make a sextile aspect to your sign which brings you plenty of opportunity for self-improvement, self-empowerment, and a general sense of well-being.

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on Oct 28th. Those born Oct 27th- 29th are impacted. This brings a birth in identity. After surviving a tough two years (2005-07) of transiting Saturn squaring your sign, and the amazing revelations from transiting Uranus in 2004, – you’ve done some hard work and this new moon triggers a new beginning and a breath of fresh air. Issues in relationships and communications, including academic pursuits come to focus this year. This is a year to stand comfortable in your skin and to declare your manifestations.

Full Moon falls on Nov 13 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actor Joaquin Phoenix, Actress Julia Roberts

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Director Garry Marshall, Actress Whoopi Goldberg

Sagittarius-(Truth-seeker, free-spirited, educated, ethical, spiritual)

Those born November 23rd – December 14th will experience the Saturn square. This will prompt those to seek education for a career they desire. Saturn also triggers a need for daily structure, which includes honesty, exercise, work, and rest. Saturn also teaches how to respect the boundaries of the body, so health issues could surface if your diet and physical heath has been neglected. This transit will also trigger a strong appetite to delve into metaphysics and to expand your spiritual awareness. You are also taught to set personal boundaries with others, and to focus on career ambitions. These two signs (Saturn in Virgo and your sign of Sagittarius) are of mutable quality, which tends learn better, vicariously – by reading, talking, listening, and through other people’s experiences.

Those born December 6th – 14th will experience both the Uranus and Saturn square from the end of October 2008 – until the first week in December 2008. This is called a t-square and the main focus during this time is education, spiritual studies, travel, or any metaphysical pursuits. The desire to express yourself is very strong so finding a creative outlet such as writing can release this energy. This eccentric configuration can also trigger a desire to go into publishing or the media industry as a career. This can be a restless time so try to stay focused, and not impulsive or scattered.

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on Nov 27th. Those born from Nov 26th- 28th are impacted. This brings a birth in identity. Venus and Mars impact your new moon both in Nov and Dec of 2008. This combo triggers lessons in love and money (venus) and personal desires and sexual practices (mars). The lessons are triggered by the transiting Saturn square which will also reveal what career path to take, and the need to work hard at a specific vocation which will bring harvest into your life. Transiting Venus with the Saturn combo will also trigger issues in intimacy and could bring a healing and stable relationship into your life.

Full Moon falls on Dec 12 2008

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actress Robin Givens

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Retired “Price is Right” Host Bob Barker, Singer Dionne Warwick

Celebrity Spotlight- Katie Holmes is having her Saturn return in 2008. Expect a huge event in her career or a second child with Tom Cruise.

Capricorn- (Serious, ambitious, patient, cautious, prudent)

Those born December 23rd and 24th will under go immense personal transformation due to the conjunction of transiting Pluto. Change in personal identity, or in people, places, and things that surround you are possible. This transit can also trigger a loss and a re-birth in any area of life.

Saturn makes a trine aspect to your sign which can trigger a change in health, and promote a healthier eater habit. But watch out for transiting Jupiter which loves to magnify and expand things, which can also mean weight gain. Stay grounded and recreate a better, healthier, and more optimistic identity. Career rewards or burdens can present themselves. Learn to delegate and not carry all the weight yourself.

Lunar Cycles – New moon falls in your sign on both the beginning and ending of 2008. This rarity is due to the natural lunation cycles of 13 new and full moons. The first new moon falls on Jan 8th. Those born Jan 7th -9th are impacted. This brings a birth in identity. New moons triggers beginnings, but that means an ending is also possible, in order for the new energy to come forth. Transiting Jupiter crosses over your new moon degree in March, July, and again in November. The energy of Jupiter is expansion, sudden blessings, and opportunity. The November Jupiter energy will connect with transiting Saturn in a favorable aspect which can trigger a career promotion, job opportunities, and a strong focus on personal health. Jupiter can often trigger weight gain, so be sure to use the Saturn influence to set a healthy balance of diet and exercise. This combo can signify a busy time with a lot of personal demands.

The second new moon falls on Dec 27th. Those born Dec 26th -28th are impacted. This new moon has both mars and Pluto impacting this position. Mars crosses over this point in early Jan 2009, which will trigger issues in personal desires and physical energy. This is a wake-up call for health matters and healthy action must be implemented. Transiting Pluto will start to impact this degree by spring 2009 which will bring major changes and personal transformations through 2010.

Full Moon falls on Jan 11 2009.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Musician David Bowie (January 8) Actor James Amos (December 27)

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Singer Mary J. Blidge and Naomi Judd

Aquarius- (Unique, ingenious, humanitarian, conversational, eccentric)

Those born February 8th – 14th are affected by the Neptune transit. This transit can make you feel lost, spacey, and introspective. Lessons in self-forgiveness, empathy, divine guidance, and spiritual redemption are triggered. It is time to surrender all worries, anger issues, and unconscious blocks and create a peaceful inner environment. It’s also a grand time to develop positive aesthetics such as mediation, yoga, and playing a musical instrument.

All Aquarians have survived the Saturn opposition from 2005-2007, so a breath of fresh air is indicated in 2008.

Lunar cycles – New moon falls in your sign on Feb 6th. Those born Feb 5th – 7th are strongly impacted, because this new moon is also a powerful solar eclipse. The effects from a new moon solar eclipse can be felt from six months before (Oct. 07) and up to six months after (Oct. 08). Mercury and Venus will cross over the eclipse point the first week of March. Mercury’s transit is part of a completion from its retrograde cycle from late January, and since rules communication, media, and travels, make sure all contracts and all verbal agreements are accurate and clear, and you’re cautious traveling, especially driving. Venus also transits this point and this can bring about a possible relationship and a solid year financially.

Full Moon falls on January 22 2008.

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Musician Natalie Cole, Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Actress, Linda Blair, Actor Luke Perry

Celebrity Spotlight- We will profile both Natalie Cole and Zsa Zsa Gabor because they’re birthday’s falls on a Solar Eclipse.

Natalie Cole was born with a sun/Jupiter conjunction which is an aspect of generosity and popularity. That combo will be triggered, and along with her second Saturn return, there’s some watermark stable on her career this year. And though Saturn in Virgo exposes possible health concerns, I feel her career will be highlighted. Perhaps she’ll receive a lifetime achievement award or release a new CD. Whatever happens, she’ll be in the spotlight again.

Zsa Zsa Gabor was born with a Sun/Uranus conjunction whish is an aspect of fame and eccentric identity. That combo will be triggered, and along with her Pluto opposition to its natal placement, there’s some sudden event that will take place and put her in the news. Her natal mars in Aquarius will also be triggered by the lunar eclipse on August 16th, so health issues are a big concern.

Pisces- (Compassionate, receptive, psychic, imagination, sensitive)

Those born February 20th – March 12th will experience the Saturn opposition in 2008. This transit teaches you to create a balance between rest and work, and spiritual and physical health. Saturn teaches us to respect the boundaries of our body and not over-work it. This can also trigger a desire to seek holistic medicines as possible cures for aliments and to develop meditation practices daily.

Those born March 4th -12th will experience the Uranus transit. This triggers a sudden change in physical appearance or in identity. This can also trigger a desire for personal freedom or adventure, and it also triggers spiritual revelations and amazing insights.

Lunar cycles- New moon in your sign falls on March 7th. This impacts those born March 6th- 8th. This cycle brings a birth in your identity and some new and exciting opportunities may present themselves, because transiting Uranus crosses over the new moon. Uranus can also bring sudden changes that could affect your domestic environment. Uranus also brings increased social activities, possible notoriety, and spiritual revelations. This is a break-thru year for those born on this day.

Full Moon falls on Feb 21 2008. (This is also a lunar eclipse and more information on this event is under the Virgo header, since the moon is eclipsed at 1 degree of Virgo. However, those born on this day will feel the effects of this Full Moon and the effects could be triggered from 6 months before to after this date.)

New Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Musician Taylor Dayne, Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

Full Moon Celebrity Birthdays- Communication Mogul David Geffen, Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actor Kelsey Grammer, Actor William Baldwin.

Generational Shifts-

Those born in 1945 and 1946 will experience the closing Uranus square. This can trigger sudden changes in life and a desire to break free from a humdrum boring life. This aspect cautions sudden actions that can lead to accidents. Please be careful with exercise, driving, and any strenuous movements. Those born in 1949 and 1950 are experiencing their second Saturn return. This marks the end of a chapter in life and the birth of a new one as well. Career responsibilities often change with this cycle. This also marks a test on the natal Saturn lesson which stems from health implications of the past. Besides career changes, health and diet changes are usually triggered as well.

Those born in 1966 and 1967 will experience the Uranus opposition to its natal position. This is often classified as a mid-life crisis and sudden changes will take place. This transit can trigger anything from a birth to a death. Expect the unexpected.

Those born November 1970 thru October 1972 will experience the Pluto square to its natal position. This often triggers huge changes in the life. Anything from a birth to a death is possible, but rest assure, change is the theme for this group.

Those born 1978 and 1979 will experience their first Saturn return. This is a period of maturity. Career ambitions take focus and additional responsibility is possible. The purchase of a home, the birth of a child, a domestic relocation, a marriage or divorce, or a career change is all possible. Karmic lessons in health can also surface.

Important Dates-

February 10th and 11th – The sun is aligned with Neptune on both days. These are days for private withdrawal and divine inspiration. These days are great for meditation, yoga, artistic pursuits, and music listening. It’s a time to chill out and relax.

March 7th, 8th and 9th – The sun is aligned with Uranus on those days. This combo is good for exciting adventures, dealing with the public on a grand scale, and interacting with famous people.

April 20th – There are two strong planetary configurations created by the Solar system that day. The first alignment is a conciliation pattern involving the Sun, Moon and Pluto. This alignment will take shape from 10:15 – 11:15 am EST. This is favorable for closing out business deals.

The second alignment is a grand trine pattern involving the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. This alignment will take shape for the whole day. The energy of that combo is one of hard work and a strong desire for material security.

September 4th and 5th – The sun is aligned with both Saturn and Jupiter. This combination is good for career advancement and for executing difficult tasks. These two days are good for patience and rewards.

December 22nd and 23rd- The sun is aligned with Pluto on those days. This alignment is good for business deals and managing joint finances.

Financial Markets-

Although the stock market is a Taurus, and the solar system is making favorable aspects to Taurus’s in 2008, the market tends to move on fear and greed. And because the housing industry, lending industry, and presidential elections are not settled yet, many will play it safe and not feel confident about the economy. So the market will continue to vacillate until such indicators are somewhat stabilized. The over-inflated communication stocks (which I believe held under the NASDAQ) went through a tough hit back in 2001-2003 when Saturn went thru Gemini. Saturn is starting to square Gemini which means that if communication stocks are over-inflated, they will be corrected to its normal value. There’s nothing to fear with Saturn, its function to correct injustices and make sure things are kept real.

Presidential Election-

Based upon the cosmic energy of both 2008 and 2012 which are both presidential election years, I predict that the next president elect will only be a one-term president because 2012 is a huge year for social and governmental change.

November 4 2008 is Election Day and it is also a powerful day. The solar system is in a bowl configuration that day. That means that all the planets, including the sun and moon, are within 180 degrees of each other. That also means that the other 180 degrees of the solar system is empty – without a single planet orbiting it. This eccentric pattern tells of a president who is very knowledge and experience on some things, but inexperienced in another. This president will have immense potential for growth while in office.

This bowl chart has two configurations in alignment that day. One is called a conciliation, which incorporates Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. This means that our next president will be popular among celebrities (Uranus) — reach out to global communities (Jupiter) to repair the US government’s reputation as a leader (Saturn) of the free world. Saturn in Virgo rules medicine and health, so expect those issues to be a hot topic the first 2 years in this administration. Health reform will be a pressing topic.

The other configuration is called a T-Square. This pattern involves Uranus and Saturn as well, but also includes Venus, the planet of money, which is also out-of-bounds in the declinations. This configuration forces the next administration to focus on our economy and to stop the US dollars from further devaluation. The government could raise taxes, especially in education as a possible outlet to raise money. Also, Venus is in the global sign of Sagittarius, so the US could seek foreign support to stabilize our economy.

With Uranus being a strong planet on that date, I see a very active president and administration for the next term. I also see a lot of voters becoming more independent and liberal in 2008. Saturn is in Virgo for the first two years of the new administration shows a hard working president. When Saturn enters Libra in late 2009, a shift on global affairs and support becomes paramount.

Lastly, the sun in Scorpio squaring Chiron in Aquarius indicates that our next president will also focus on healing a ton of social issues that have plagued The US for some time. Mercury, the planet of communication parallels Chiron on the declinations. This means that our next commander in chief will provide many inspirational and healing speeches.

Presidential Candidates –

The delegation process for both parties will commence in the first quarter of 2008. I’ve decided to provide a quick synopsis of the growing popular and front runners to see who is more likely to become chosen. When the delegation is executed and the candidates are in full swing of their campaign, I will provide a prediction on my website during the summer of 2008.

I reviewed the charts of 8 candidates – Mitt Romney, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Ron Paul, and Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain.

5 candidates are mutable signs and the other 3 are fixed signs.

The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. Mitt Romney is a Pisces, Mike Huckabee and John McCain are Virgo’s and both John Edward and Ruby Giuliani are Gemini’s. Saturn is affecting all 5 candidates which mean they all have a lot of work ahead of them, especially the Pisces and Gemini candidates which demands extra hard work to be elected because Saturn is squaring those signs. If a mutable candidate is elected, he will be extremely busy and undergo many delays and frustration during the first two years, but will grow much stronger as a leader.

Transiting Neptune, which dissolves things, will oppose John Edwards Pluto, Rudy Guiliani’s Jupiter, and Mike Huckabee’s Jupiter/Pluto mid-point on Election Day – so it’s very plausible that they will surrender before the big day which leaves Mitt Romney and John McCain as the stronger candidates on the mutable quality based on the stars.

The fixed signs are Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. Hilary Clinton is a Scorpio and both Barach Obama and Ron Paul are Leo’s. This group will have an easier time campaigning because Saturn is not a direct influence. However, on Elections day, transiting Neptune will oppose Ron Paul’s sun sign and Hilary’s natal Saturn. So Ron Paul and Hilary Clinton will drop out eventually. The transiting moon is on the cusp of Capricorn /Aquarius late afternoon / early evening on Election Day. This moon conjuncts Barach’s Saturn/Jupiter conjunction which makes him the front runner of the fixed signs based on the stars.

USA Chart-

The chart of the USA shows Uranus stationing at the 4th house cusp, which is the mainland USA. This indicates a sudden change in the country’s structure, and I believe it’s more than the election of a new president. This transit could be an amendment to the constitution or a sudden change of a senior government official.

Saturn will cross over the midheaven or the 10th house cusp, ruling the career. This shows a change in leadership, which is more likely to be the elections. However, it also indicates that the person who assumes new power has earned the right to do so and needs to delegate many responsibilities. The trine from Jupiter in Capricorn shows improved relations with overseas countries.

Jupiter is transiting through the second house, which can give the USA economy a boost.

The quarterly declinations are as follows:

1st quarter- Mercury and Mars are out of bounds – and Mars is retrograde – more outcry from the war. Mercury parallels Jupiter – Immigration and our foreign exports continue to get a ton of news exposure.

2nd quarter- Mars is still out of bounds – The war gets to be a more heated topic. T-Pluto contra-parallels N-mercury and T-Jupiter contra-parallels N-Uranus – These two aspects means immense political exposure. Political celebrities rise up and endorse their candidates. Another celebrity high profile trial is possible. And more overseas concerns are spotlighted.

3rd quarter- T-Uranus parallels N- Saturn and T-Uranus contra parallels N-Neptune – This one-two punch means that the political candidates are highly spotlighted. It also means that a fall from grace or a sudden change from either a candidate or a government official – possibly due to a scandal.

4th quarter- Mercury parallels Mars – This means demonstrative communication –possibly negative campaign ads and an announcement pertaining to the war.


In 2008, the eclipses are on the Aquarius/Leo axis. Aquarius energy means politicians, celebrities, and social concerns are spotlighted. The Leo energy means entertainers, celebrities, film makers, and sports figures are spotlighted.

Because Neptune conjuncts Aquarius and opposes Leo. Neptune also rules deception – which can trigger a scandal. I believe more politicians and athletes will under go additional scrutiny and I expect more sports scandal to hit an all time high in 2008.

Late April and early may, Retrograde Saturn meets up with Retrograde Pluto in a trine aspect. This is especially powerful because Pluto is in a critical degree 00 in Capricorn, under a cardinal quality, and this means that it is under a microscope so a major shift or shape up is very possible in government.

A political candidate could assume immense trust or power in public perception or in government office. Because Saturn is in Virgo (health and medicine) and squaring the sign of Gemini (media and communication) – A shake up with the FDA and FCC is also possible.

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Cosmic blessings to all in 2008.


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