2009-10 Eclipses, Economy and More

Earth is our spiritual schoolroom where we come to learn, heal and grow. It is the toughest of all the learning dimensions, but it is here that we can learn the most in a short amount of time.

Solar eclipses happen when the moon obscures the sun’s light to Earth during a new moon phase. Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth blocks the sun’s light to the moon during a full moon phase. Eclipses are astrological phenomenon’s that propel us to more awareness, thus leading us to additional spiritual truths. They do ignite change, and some changes can be major.

Individualistically, eclipses force us to uncover and discover another side to ourselves and to life. Our spirits are divine energy of endless love and knowledge — designed to always expand and evolve. Eclipses tend to fast forward a learning opportunity, creating a new chapter in our lives.

The tail end of the Aquarius/Leo eclipses coalesces with the start of the Capricorn/Cancer eclipses. Capricorn identifies with career ambition and personal discipline. Cancer represents the domestic environment and emotional security. The first of these six eclipses takes place on July 7th 2009, a lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn, affecting those born Jan 4th – 8th and July 4th – 8th. The impact of an eclipse is felt from 6 month before until 6 months after.

Both Cancers and Capricorns are known as cardinal elements or leaders. Their polarizing combination triggers a need to take action that is nurturing, but focused. All eclipses expose a personal revelation, but lunar eclipses tug at the heart and desire emotional honesty. You may ask yourself, “Am I happy in my career? Is my home life nurturing? “Am I at peace with my parents?” This combination also triggers a need to balance out career desires with family time. Too much time focused in one area can be a burden. Lunar eclipses can also trigger a domestic relocation.

From the mundane point of view, this lunar eclipse is impacting the USA chart. Amazingly, 5 of the next 6 eclipses – listed below – are affecting the USA. You are witnessing an amazing time unfolding. What does all this mean? The cancer portion ruling the housing industry/mortgage companies, and food industry, will continue restructuring their processes and products. The Capricorn side means businesses/corporations are also restructuring and need to create a solid foundation so it can thrive for many years to come. I believe more companies will undergo mergers/takeovers and many will offer work-at-home options as well.

July’s 7th eclipse will polarize the nation’s sun sign in the 9th house, which rules global affairs and media exposure. The need for the USA and foreign countries to continue to build, heal and grow will be immense. This sentiment is further punctuated by both the remaining eclipses affecting the global house of affairs and media, and transiting Saturn which will enter the diplomatic sign of Libra in late 09 –till late 2012. All in all, the USA will be under a “large” microscope the next couple of years.

The January 2010 eclipse is also affecting both Barach and Michelle Obama’s chart. Read more under the “2009 Astrological Forecast and Predictions” (http://www.cosmiccuisine.com/forecast.php )

I’ve also written some of the profound changes the 2010 eclipse and the upcoming Uranus and Pluto square will have in our country, posted under my articles link titled, 2008 presidential elections. ( http://www.cosmiccuisine.com/08election.php ) While the eclipses expose the necessary changes, the Uranus/Pluto transit will be the impetus for action. This approaching square is designed to help society move in a spiritual and honest direction.

As we have witnessed, greed and fear cannot be the motive to live a fulfilled life. This Earthly existence is much too precious for us not to be happy and empowered. When something is not working in our personal lives, we eventually garner the energy and strength to make change. And in many cases, these changes are inspired by eclipses and transits.

Pluto is a dynamic flow of energy that triggers great transformation. Dwarf as astronomers has reclassified it to be, its punch is bigger and tougher than all the other planets. Pluto’s energy will trigger this reconstruction. When a building or bridge has cracks, it’s either repaired or torn down and rebuilt. This is what will happen in these upcoming years.

Uranus is known as a planet of sudden and shocking change, so these upcoming years will be historic. Some of these Uranus events will unfold quickly, but Pluto demands that anything that is meant to last – must take slow to build or rebuild. Uranus is also the most brilliant of all the mental planets, so expect great ingenuity and advanced technology as we move toward a new direction.

Pluto is transiting through the sign of Capricorn (career) and Uranus will enter Aries (independence) starting in 2010. I believe many small businesses will be launched and an increase in entrepreneurship is favorable.

USA’s natal moon sign in Aquarius is also affected by transiting Neptune in 2009-2010. Neptune is known for its spiritual nature of surrender, solitude, and purification. Aquarian energy identifies with social causes and humanity in general, so I expect many politicians to retire and some may leave office from scandals.

In personal healing, we need to confront and heal our past, so we are free to be happier in our present life. The planet of transformation, Pluto, will break down all unhealthy and misguided past beliefs in society and Uranus will re-establish an awakening that will serve us for tremendous amount of years to come.

As a global consciousness, it is best if we see that transformation is necessary so we can allow these economic and social changes to be implemented with little resistance. We are all powerful and we can effect smoother transition if we are aware that this is what the universe is asking.

Please view any obstacles through spiritual eye lenses. If you or someone you know shares a birthday on or a day removed from the eclipses listed below, it marks an important time in your life.

If you are currently challenged, recall a better time in your life and “feel” that specific blessing. If you need a reminder that “lack” is an illusion, please visit a beach and let the fertile ocean visually symbolize that there is an abundance of all we need. May you feel all the abundance you do have at the moment and “know” that an awareness of gratitude and some great laughter will help you through any rough stretch and assist you in creating more abundance.

2009-2010 Eclipses
1) July 7th, 2009 (Lunar Eclipse)
2) July 21st, 2009 (Solar Eclipse)
3) August 5th, 2009 (Lunar Eclipse)
4) December 31st, 2009 (Lunar Eclipse)
5) January 15th, 2010 (Solar Eclipse)
6) June 26th , 2010 (Lunar Eclipse)

Cosmic Blessings,
Martin Montes

Martin A. Montes is a spiritual astrologer and member of the American Federation of Astrologers, Inc. (813) 857-4844