Election Prediction / USA 2009-2012

by Martin Montes

Barack Obama (August 4, 1961):
Barack Obama’s chart shows a person who’s had to overcome some restrictive measures, from past lives, regarding career achievements and ambitions. Saturn, the career and responsibility planet, communicates with Uranus, the humanitarian and notoriety planet. Both planets are part of a configuration called the finger of fate, also known as a finger of god. This clearly shows a person who has garnered a ton of support – from past lives – to assist him on an important spiritual mission this time around. This combination of planets shows a soul who came to do significant work for the public…and I mean significant! Saturn’s placement shows that he needs to be self-less and inspirational to fulfill his duty for salvation and enlightenment. Uranus’s placement shows that he will be revered and praised for his humanitarian efforts. This is a strong karmic lesson and his unrelenting spirit of faith and optimism is his main focus.

John McCain (August 29, 1936):
John McCain’s chart shows a person who is a worker. His career planet, Saturn, is placed in the area of service punctuating his sun sign as a Virgo. His longevity in politics is a testament to his dedication, including his military duty. His Saturn position communicates with Neptune, the planet of inspiration and redemption. Both planets are in an opposition of each other. This shows a person who can be polarized in career decisions and one who needs to strike a balance between reality and fantasy. His lesson is to focus on the bigger plan, to see the world thru panoramic eyesight, and provide spiritual and solid solutions to enhance the universe. His Saturn position also shows a karmic lesson in health issues, so he must retreat from being a workaholic and rest his body regularly.

Election Day (November 4, 2008):
I will officially call this day “ELECTRIC DAY” because of the astonishing influence of Uranus, which emanates the energy of change, freedom, and brilliant awareness. That planet will aspect – or communicate with – five other planets that day. Those influences show that we are moving toward a progressive mindset, and beneficial change as a society and a consciousness. All 10 planets will be within 180 degrees, a bowl pattern, which means that half of the hemisphere will have no planets, portending a possible a one-sided election. The challenging aspects from Saturn and Uranus to Venus in Sagittarius can trigger a legal issue regarding the elections. However, it looks like a memorable speech will take place that day. This will be an historic day.

Inauguration Day (January 20, 2008):
If Election Day is one for the record books, then this inauguration day will be a strong second. There is also an eccentric planetary alignment called the Fan Pattern on that day. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, is the focal planet of this alignment. This combination shows that health care will be one of the main issues the new president will tackle. The stellium (3 planets in Aquarius – Sun, Mercury and Jupiter) tells of another historic speech.

USA (2009-2012):
The next four years will be an amazing period in our history. Starting in late 2009, we will be undergoing immense desire for more change. The solar eclipse on January 15, 2010 will trigger the nation’s natal position of Pluto, the planet of transformation. This will spark amazing social changes and an increase in births. The eclipse will also trigger changes in leadership and the start of a strong humanitarian unity. (As a note, Michelle Obama’s birthday is January 17th, so she will also be strongly affected by the eclipse.)

From 2010-2012, the effects of Pluto and Uranus plus the eclipses will stimulate more social interaction and advancements in technologies. The following are also more likely to take place:
Positive change in government leaders.
Birth of our society’s consciousness.
Growth in a 3rd party (Independent/Liberal).
Strong protective regulations on the internet.
Gay marriages will become mainstream.
Astrology will be used more as a spiritual tool.
Home employment will increase substantially.

The cosmic influences show that Barack Obama will be elected. He will appoint Hillary Clinton to a prominent position in his cabinet. The planet Uranus promises to bring amazing changes and exciting times. Some changes will be sudden and some may be shocking, but change is imminent.