Finding your soul’s purpose

A plaque that hangs in my home office bears twenty-one suggestions for success written by H. Jackson Brown Jr. My favorite is, “Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power or prestige, but on relationships with people you love and respect.”

Part of your purpose is to engage in relationships with others because the exchange of energy—love—is what keeps you aligned, connected, and happy. It doesn’t cost anything to relate to another, and you have everything to gain when you do. The source of my true happiness is my relationships, especially my friendships. The exchange of energy with friends is priceless. No amount of money can bring you that connection and joy. This is an important truth to living a great life on earth. When you love your life and the people in it, you feel like you don’t need anything. Now that’s happiness!

As we learn spiritual lessons on earth, we have human experiences through our bodies. Another truth for living an improved, happier, and more fantastic life is physical pleasure. The body feels great after a good laugh, a workout, a shower, a meal, sleep, or sex. All these pleasures makes the body feel good and makes the arduous earthly journey bearable. You are not your body, but you were given this temporary structure to fulfill your purpose, and feelings are important! So make your body feel rested, nourished, and gratified. Don’t fear it—embrace it, talk to it, touch it, and love it. Provide for its needs, and it will serve you well.

Releasing limitations allows you to receive. When you can accept that part of your purpose is to experience abundance, you will laugh and laugh and enjoy your life beyond illusionary limitations. Whatever you fear or hurt, I urge you to heal by identifying the cause and taking action to correct it. Remember that emotional pain is only a teaching tool that is to be felt and then released.

Believe in people, places, and things that bring about harmony, love, and unity since we are all created with the same energy. Ever notice how conscious you become when a life-changing event, sudden tragedy, or trauma gets your attention? We all truly see, feel, and believe the power of spirit under duress regardless of what our physical bodies look like. When help comes, accept it. We are all one.

When we live a consciously awakened life, we are more likely to treat others in well. Awareness is an understanding that we all feel pain and we all are learning lessons, and treating others and ourselves with kindness and compassion is the way of love.

Feeling superior or mistreating others is ego behavior and can lead to painful experiences because we are one and the same, and the law of cause and effect or karma is alive and well. I’ve experienced this myself and I’ve seen it come back to others.

Our respect for each other increases when we don’t allowing our differences to dim our true lights. We steadily progress with more awareness. This is evident in ever-increasing laws against discrimination. The most exciting time one can experience is the present because it’s the only time that’s real. Smile—awareness is right now. That’s empowerment!

Human suffering or despair is a lack of awareness. We regain our happiness when we learn. If earth is our schoolroom, then we must be here to educate. The willingness to do so will align you with your purpose.

It is never too late to awaken to your dreams and to honor your feelings, your heart’s desires. Live an abundant, loving life filled with opportunities. Talents and desires don’t go away with time. In fact, they grow stronger because they need to be expressed, not repressed. You gain more energy when you fulfill your creative talents and your heart’s desires. They are gifts to humanity.

The schoolroom of earth is abundant. We have many tools and resources at our disposal. To think that God created one ascended master for the whole planet is humorous. If that were the case, then God would have created one piece of land, one body of water, one planet, one star. There are many wonderful spiritual teachers who have walked the earth and fulfilled their spiritual missions by teaching, awakening, and reminding us that we have the power. We are created from the same fabric. We possess the answers. Trust your heart, and you will find that we are all truly one.

Misconceptions and misperceptions leave us uneasy, like square pegs trying to fit into round holes. Question ambiguity, and filter everything you read or hear through your head and heart to arrive at the truth. Your intuition is alive and well and is always available. When something rings true, it resonates. Go with that feeling! It is the answer or will lead you to the answer.

Plants, trees, birds, humans, planets, stars, books, and cars exist in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Zoos wouldn’t exist if not for the myriad animals on earth. Clouds serve many purposes: they produce rain, shade on a hot summer’s day, and reflect the light of a beautiful sunset. They too come in many shapes, sizes, and shades. The produce area in a grocery store displays many fruits and vegetables of many sizes and colors. Trust that everyone has a purpose, and a mission, and that we are all one.

Marty Montes is an astrological life coach, inspirational speaker, and the author of a captivating spiritual memoir and inspiring self-help book called “Spirited Schoolroom – The Earthly lessons and adventures of a healer.” For more information, please visit: