Super Bowl 50 – Peyton Manning the winner?

This is the short and sweet of this! Manning’s birthday is March 24, 1976. His chart is off the chain active. He has transits from Uranus and Pluto to his moon, and there’s a huge lunar eclipse on March 23rd, the day before his birthday.

In numerology, Manning is in a nine cycle which means the year of endings. This will most likely be Manning’s final year and how will he depart this amazing career? Most likely with a Super Bowl win!

Congrats to Cam Newton for winning the MVP. Well deserved! But Peyton’s astrology chart is active and very specific and aligned to divine providence.

Also, the age of 39 is very very karmic…and Peyton has good Karma! Tis written in the stars!  I believe in the science of astrology, so I look forward to a great Peyton Finale.