Venus, the planet of love and happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending love to my family, friends, former lovers’, my awesome pets and to my “soon-to-meet-soulmate”.

Venus, The goddess of love and happiness, is the planet that attracts beauty and love to you. What sign and house is your Venus?

Venus in Aries / 1st house – attracted to physical love, loves to feel affection.

Venus in Taurus / 2nd house – attracted to beautiful and quality possessions, loves to receive gifts.

Venus in Gemini / 3rd house – attracted to facial qualities, especially the mouth, loves an intellect.

Venus in Cancer / 4th house – attracted to sensitive and kind souls, loves to cook for their partner.

Venus in Leo / 5th house – attracted to energetic and fun-loving people, loves to be entertained.

Venus in Virgo / 6th house – attracted to good clothes and dressers, loves good hygiene.

Venus in Libra / 7th house – attracted to honest and open-minded people, loves loyalty in others.

Venus in Scorpio / 8th house – attracted to wealth and material security, loves physical intimacy.

Venus in Sagittarius / 9th house – attracted to spiritually-minded people, loves to educate and teach.

Venus in Capricorn / 10th house – attracted to responsible and successful people, loves an ambitious partner.

Venus in Aquarius / 11th house – attracted to adventurous and free-spirited people, loves all friendships.

Venus in Pisces / 12th house – attracted to an ideal soulmate and romance, loves a creative imagination.


Hope your Venus is happy and in love every day! Happy Lover’s day! May you enjoy a healthy, honest, and spiritually-fulfilling relationship.