Mercury Retrograde April 28, 2016 – May 22, 2016

Good news! Read all about it! Mercury goes retrograde again, but this time it’s in the sign of Taurus, the essence of financial and material security. Mercury normally affects travel plans, electronics, and all forms of communication, but when it’s in retrograde, things change! Change is neither bad nor good but constant. While Mercury retrograde is known to cause havoc, especially in the computer world, its erratic movement doesn’t have to have an adverse effect. In fact, it can be a blessing in disguise, since checks and balances are necessary in life.

Many years ago, a friend located an awesome New York apartment he wanted to rent. After filling out the application and leaving a deposit, he was notified the next day that there was a problem with his credit report. There was a “lien” from a creditor that he wasn’t aware of. After researching and rectifying the issue a couple of weeks later, he obtained a letter from the creditor, provided it to the rental agent and was granted the apartment. Retrogrades tend to unearth and uncover. While the credit issue delayed his moving process, it revealed a hidden issue that would have further damaged his credit.

Mercury in Taurus doesn’t like to multi-task, it likes to focus on one thing at a time. Taurus is a fixed sign, (strong-willed) it will dot the (eyes) and cross the (tease) because fix signs have stamina and need results. The energy of Taurus radiates finances and possessions, so this is a main focus during this period. Mercury retrograde wants to make sure we are mentally attuned to what we are thinking and speaking.

It is a fabulous time to reassess your possessions, and to re-budget your finances. You may also hear from people from your past, especially from relationships that ended on a sour note. I have seen time and time again, that the TRUTH is revealed from a misunderstanding or a misperception during a retrograde. There will be typos in the news and weird statements made from officials. Whatever is meant to be uncovered and discovered will be exposed. Do allow for many travel delays and reread your emails and text messages before hitting send and don’t forget to laugh out loud as often as you can.