Aug-Sept 2017 (Mercury Retrograde and Eclipses)

“Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy night!” Exclaimed Bette Davis in All About Eve. The upcoming cosmic events is an understatement to that one-liner, so fasten up for a few months, there will be many bumpy nights ahead. There are many planetary events taking place currently, but the following three are especially highlighted: Mercury Retrograde, Lunar Eclipse and Total Solar Eclipse.

Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, tends to impact the entire planet, since it affects all types of communication, electronics and travel modes. We are made of the the same essence or energy universally, so cosmic events do impact us whether we are conscious or not. Some retrogrades are more impactful if they interact or magnify another cosmic event simultaneously, such as a total solar eclipse, which, as fate would have it, will take place on August 21st.

Eclipses really caught my attention when I suffered my first automobile accident in April 2004. Hours later, I watched my car get towed away, my shock started to diminish and my practical and spiritual brain awakened. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I looked up to the sky and silently asked, “Why did I get into an accident?” Miraculously, the word eclipse entered my mind. Immediately, I felt a wave of calm come over me. I knew there was a solar eclipse coming soon, but I hadn’t paid much attention to them in the past. When I finally arrived home later that evening, I ran my astrology chart and saw that the upcoming solar eclipse and the current mercury retrograde was exactly on my rising sign or ascendant.

I became an avid student and studied lunar and solar eclipses ever since. This additional education helped me expand my consultation practice and assisted many clients. It became a strong focal point for the next few years, in fact, the NASA website and I became best buddies for a while. I also learned that whenever an eclipse was visible in a region on Earth – a natural disaster, major event, or political shift took place affecting that region. The upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st is visible in the USA.

As I reviewed President Trumps’ chart, the solar eclipse and mercury retrograde will (already has) impact his rising sign or ascendant. Eclipses tend to impact a person’s chart months before and months after the actual eclipse. The next few months will be bumpier, especially August and September when Mercury impacts the eclipse point. Mars, the planet of action and energy, meets up with Mercury the first week of September and this means fireworks! In addition, Uranus, the planet of sudden change and media attention, makes an exact trine to the solar eclipse. There are other celestial events impacting the presidents chart, but the eclipse and mercury retrograde will cause more to be spotlighted and highlighted since the ascendant is a public and visible point in a chart. Astrology is a science and an accurate one at that. Changes will happen. I took a sneak peek into VP Mike Pence chart and saw he’s under his second Saturn return until June 2018, a tough time ahead or a substantial change.

Here are the three main highlights for August 2017.

The Mercury Retrograde starts August 12th and ends September 5th. Please use communication, transportation, and electronics with more awareness, and try to avoid signing contracts if you can during this period. Also, be aware that Mercury retrograde has a shadow period where it starts (pre-retrograde) and ends (post-retrograde) its influence. This shadow period typically begins 2 weeks before and concludes 2 weeks after the official retrograde period. If you are born August 18th – September 5th, this retrograde will cross over your sun sign, so secrets can be revealed. This is a time to come clean and verbalize the truth. Those with a late Leo rising 26 degrees to mid-Virgo 12 degrees need to be careful driving, back up your PC’s and watch your behavior since you’re under a microscope.

The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th is at 15 degrees of Aquarius. This lunar event is also a full moon which helps one to emote repressed feelings. Those sensitive to lunar cycles can suffer from disrupted sleep patterns and feel more sentimental in general. Mars, the planet of action and energy, squares this lunar eclipse so those impacted will most likely have changes in life. Domestic environment tends to be affected during the full cycle February 2017 – February 2018. Those born August 5th – 9th and those who have a natal moon in Aquarius from 13-17 degrees are strongly impacted.

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is at 28 degrees of Leo. This solar event is also a new moon which triggers a new chapter in any area of life, including career, health, relationships, and family dynamics. This Solar eclipse can impact you during its full cycle February 2017 and ends February 2018. Those born August 19th – 23rd and those who have a Leo rising from 26-29 degrees, including zero degrees of Virgo are strongly impacted.

Earth is the toughest of all the learning dimensions and these cosmic events will bring a lot of revelations, so don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts.