Forms of Energy

by Martin A. Montes [A brief survey of the different facets of energy.]

As part of a universal consciousness, I am in awe of this phenomenal existence. Every moment, every sound, every thought is a birth of life, of love, of energy. The unlimited spiritual potential available for us on earth is truly incomprehensible. The reality that there is no end to knowledge means that we will never starve in our hunger for spiritual nourishment. Energy is the expression of creation. Energy is in everything. Anything tangible or intangible exists.

A few years ago, I  had to put my beloved cat of seventeen years to sleep. On the third night after this loss, I had the following profound dream: I was walking through my living room and was shocked to see my deceased cat sitting on the sofa. She was illuminated in white light and was grooming herself as she always did. I knew she had just died three days ago and I couldn’t believe I was seeing her.

She looked up, recognized me and started approaching me. I stood there, frozen in disbelief. I then recall looking in the opposite direction and then facing my cat’s route again to see if I was imagining things. She was moving closer, and then jumped up on the table next to me. I extended my left hand towards her and looked in the opposite direction again.

As she approached my left hand, I turned and saw her go through the hand. I felt her essence, her energy, her spirit go through my hand, up my shoulders and encompass my entire body. I could not believe how strong this energy was. It was just incredible. I got the realization that she’s always going to be around me.

I was then transported to a white elevator, where I saw all these spirits or energy fields. I remember that these energy fields did not conform to a specific shape. It seemed that the vibration around each energy field determined the evolution of that energy, and I started to pick up impressions from these fields. I recall the impression that this planet, Earth, is one of a wider circle of learning. I strongly feel there are other places of being.

Then, a female spirit telepathically impressed me with the following declaration, “We don’t die; energy transforms.” At that point, the right side of the elevator opened up and I saw the planet Earth below me to the right. This same female spirit impressed me with the following statement. “There are eleven billion souls and six billion are on planet Earth. The reason for such a great number of souls on Earth is that Earth is the greatest schoolroom to learn the most lessons of the soul.” After that statement, I saw the right side of the elevator close and I felt myself ascending.

The elevator then stopped and the front doors opened. I saw this incredible energy facing me. I felt that this presence was a male spirit. I remember seeing such brilliant blue light around this energy, and immediately sensed this was an evolved soul. The blue color around this energy was vibrating very fast. I was a bit mesmerized and sensed that only an evolved energy could tune in to such a high vibration. The evolved spirit looked at me, entered the elevator and the door closed.

When I awoke from this dream, I sat up in bed and recorded the insightful messages given. This dream started my awareness of energy. Everything is energy. Energy is so powerful. The forms of energy are countless. We all vibrate at a specific frequency. This vibration is what the cosmic universe understands. This “energy field” is what determines our present state of being.
Depending on how consciously we live our lives, we have the capacity to sense, feel and see energy.

As an astrologer, I have extensive training and understanding of the “planet of energy” – Mars. This planet is responsible for our assertion or energy level. Most of us have heard of the “Mars effect,” especially concerning the prominence of this planet on the astrological charts of athletes. To be an athlete, one must have a high degree of energy. People with high spirited charts have Mars significantly placed. These people’s lives are designed to touch many people in this lifetime. I have noticed that healers usually have Mars in high declination of 22 degrees or better.

Healers work with incredible amounts of energy. Souls born during a Mars retrograde are coming back to reclaim their use of energy. The lesson is to channel this power constructively to ensure a positive outcome. These people either abused their energy in a past life or have anger issues.

Another way to see or feel energy at work is during a sporting event. The “home” team usually has the advantage because of the positive support or energy derived from the fans. This energy boost gives the team motivation and adrenaline and can carry a team to victory. I was a season ticket holder for the New York Knicks basketball team. I recall many times witnessing the home team winning a game by feeding off the energy of the crowd.

Another sports memory with high energy was the first game of the 2001 World Series. President Bush threw out the first ball at Yankee Stadium. The crowd was chanting, “USA, USA.” I found that energy incredibly healing for New York and the country, as feelings were still raw from the September 11 calamity.

An additional way we can feel energy depends on the stimulation to our brains. Music is a perfect example. When we hear a favorite song, the vibration usually sends signals to the brain which creates adrenaline and provides a boost of energy. The same can be said for a sad song or a song that ignites a sad memory. This experience can drain or deplete our energy. I am often amazed at the testimonials I encounter from deceased loved ones. One such case is the strong energetic presence of my friend who died in the World Trade Center on September 11th. On many occasions while I was visiting his mother, he made his presence known to us. As energy, he manipulates the lights and other electrical things as we speak about him. What a gift to us to know that he is okay in the spirit world.

The flow of energy comes in many ways. We can allow the flow of positive or negative energy to seep into our lives. Our free will determines the flow of abundance or lack, depending on the thoughts that feed our energy fields. This is guaranteed by the universal law of attraction. Money is a form of energy and is connected to abundance. Our allowance or resistance to this energy flow is determined by our free will.

The universe has incredible resources available to assist us in reenergizing ourselves. The beaches and parks act like battery chargers for our souls. We are connected to nature and, therefore, are privy to its healing and nurturing qualities. Let us use our energy constructively, for our own highest good and for the goodness to serve others.

Martin A. Montes is a spiritual astrologer and member of the American Federation of Astrologers, Inc. (813) 902-9434