by Martin Montes

During a recent and meaningful phone conversation about our spiritual purpose on Earth, I asked a fellow lightworker and dear friend named Loretta, from the East coast of Florida, “Why are some lessons so shocking and painful like a sudden divorce, illness, or a tragedy resulting in a death of a loved one?” She replied, “The intensity behind such occurrences is the impetus for one to awaken to their spiritual mission.”

Her reply made complete sense. I, like many, experienced my share of ups and downs, especially the first 33 years of my life. I gradually became aware that Earth was a school room where we incarnate to learn lessons for our soul. It took a little while getting used to the role of student, since I had felt like a victim for so long, after suffering a rough childhood and a couple of heartaches and heartbreaks in relationships. However, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, awakened me up for good.

As a native New Yorker and former Wall Street employee, I was shocked and saddened by the tragic event on that awful day, as many around the globe were. I had worked in New York City during the 1993 car bombings of the trade centers and thought back then-that it was a tragedy of epic proportions. However, it was the death of my close friend, Brooke, who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9-11, which awakened me to my spiritual mission.

A week after the attacks, I followed my strong intuitive guidance to shield myself from the TV and all of the melodrama and aftermath. I needed to sit in peace and embrace every waking moment. I was already grieving a recent painful breakup, the death of my cat, and now I had to grieve the hideous death of my friend-which was my third loss in less than a year.

I had always asked God through my prayers to guide, protect, and heal me. And my prayers had always been answered. I had recently started to channel higher wisdom and was learning the differences between spirit guides, deceased relatives, and angels. In search for more answers to my tumultuous year, I grabbed my pad and pen, and sat outside on the deck of my condo. I silently asked my spirit guide, “Why was I experiencing all of this turmoil in my life?” I documented the following impression I received:

“Please understand that these deep emotional experiences that are unfolding are for a greater purpose. Please understand that the pain you feel is to direct you towards a higher vibration. By that I mean a broader universal way of understanding, of living, of compassion, and of loving. The miracles that unfold during the process of having courage under such duress are unthinkable.”

This universe is truly unbelievable. It is beyond what anybody can envision, including me. We are all powerful beyond comprehension. Living  a conscious life is your utter vocation, teaching and servicing others to do the same is your mission. Opening up our hearts and allowing the flow of God’s unlimited abundance is the most important task in this life. I repeat, this task is the most important vital piece to living, learning, and of course, loving. Healing is the prerequisite to  loving unconditionally. I promise that when you take the step to open up and start healing, miracles will start to happen. One miracle that usually occurs is the cementing of your heart and mind.   Then miracles start multiplying.

The great awesome spirit that resides in your body goes through an incredible transformation. This inner transformation is also a prelude for living the kind of physical life that God has created for you. Everything you need is always available, always. When things do not work out the way you want or envision them to be, it is an answer for right now, it is a holy moment. Please know that the universe is real and does give you feedback. This alone provides you the mental sanity to know that there is purpose to your existence. Your life has purpose; this is not a barren existence.”

I reread the channeled wisdom many times in the ensuing days and found comfort in its message. I always knew that my life’s work involved counseling, in a spiritual genre, but I didn’t know how profound this mission was for me. I was then guided to read The Lighterworker’s Way by Doreen Virtue which cemented my focus and my purpose. I took one day at a  time and meditated often. Slowly but surely, I started to heal and felt more alert, comfortable, and peaceful in my life.

Today, I have a far greater sense of personal fulfillment. My spiritual mission, as a teacher of conscious spiritual living, has led me to author my first self-help book, which I’m currently seeking a publisher for. I hope to have it published in 2006.

Your birth is not a random act; we all have a purpose or a mission. Take time to listen to the signs in your life. You will uncover and discover many hidden blessings awakening you on your spiritual journey.

Martin A. Montes is a writer, lecturer, and metaphysician, specializing in uplifting astrology consultations. He is a member of many organizations, including the American Federation of Astrologers. (813) 902-9434