2019 Astrological Forecast

2019 Astrological Forecast Greetings cosmic truth seekers! The following is a general forecast for all 12 zodiac signs, including planetary retrogrades and lunar cycles. Every day and every year is important, but some years really stand out. Please read both your sun and rising sign to find answers to your questions and for spiritual enlightenment. […]

“His purpose written in the stars” Tampa Times

A man overcomes his grief and awakens to his vocation as a spiritual astrologer. By ELISABETH DYER SUN BAY SOUTH- In a past life, Martin Montes says he was a scribe for an astrologer in ancient Egypt. Initially, he was stunned when a psychic informed him of that at a party in New York City. […]

Forms of Energy

by Martin A. Montes [A brief survey of the different facets of energy.] As part of a universal consciousness, I am in awe of this phenomenal existence. Every moment, every sound, every thought is a birth of life, of love, of energy. The unlimited spiritual potential available for us on earth is truly incomprehensible. The […]

Remembering Louise Hay

It felt like yesterday that I recorded an astrology session profiling a decade-by- decade synopsis of Louise Hay’s life as a unique 80th birthday gift. I wrapped the recorded session in blue and green striped paper, not knowing those were her favorite colors. I arrived at the ballroom at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad, California […]

An Inside Job

by Martin Montes The educational platform called “earth” is designed to teach us spiritual lessons for our soul’s growth. This schoolroom is set up perfectly the way it is. There is one prerequisite that is needed when preparing ourselves as students for our learning. That prerequisite is the commitment to creating a clean, peaceful and […]