An Excerpt From
"Spirited Schoolroom"

Spirited Schoolroom: The Earthly lessons and adventures of a healer. (Balboa Press, 2015)  


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Chapter One (Revelation)

Three days after the death of my beloved cat, Cashmere, I had the following life-changing dream that awakened and shifted my consciousness:

I was having trouble falling asleep one evening. I tossed and turned for a few minutes and then decided to get up. When I entered the living room, I was shocked to see Cashmere grooming herself on the couch, illuminated in white light. She looked up at me with those piercing blue Siamese eyes and walked toward me.

I could not believe I was looking at my cat. She’d only died three days before. As she approached, I knelt in silence. I extended my left hand to her and looked in the opposite direction in denial. Then I turned back to her, and she walked through my hand. I felt her essence—her energy, her spirit—go through my hand, up my shoulders, and throughout my body. It was just incredible.

I walked back to the other side of the room. When I turned around, I could still see Cashmere, illuminated. Suddenly I heard a gentle female voice say, “We don’t die. Energy transforms.” In that moment, I realized Cashmere would always be around me.

I decided to get some fresh air, so I walked outside and sat on the front steps. The atmosphere outside felt very hostile, and I heard neighbors yelling at each other. I reflected for a short while about the sensation of Cashmere going through me and then went back inside. As I walked upstairs to my bedroom, I noticed my illuminated cat had followed me. She jumped onto my bed to sleep with me.

Then I was transported upward in a white elevator surrounded by many spirits, or energy fields, that did not conform to a specific shape or size. It seemed that the vibration around them determined the evolution of that energy. I felt peaceful and received impressions from these energy fields. I was told, “This planet, Earth, is only one of a wider circle of learning.”

I strongly believed there were other places of being. At that point, the elevator stopped. The right side opened, and I saw planet Earth below me to the right. I found it odd that the elevator had opened from the side and not from the front. Then I was impressed with another telepathic declaration: “The reason for such a great number of souls on the planet is that earth is the greatest schoolroom for learning the most lessons of the soul. Many choose to incarnate on earth because they can learn the most there in the shortest period of time.”

After that statement the elevator closed again, and I felt myself quickly ascending. When the elevator stopped, this time the front doors opened. A brilliant blue light blinded me, and it seemed to be vibrating around a male energy or presence. I strongly felt that it was a spirit guide, an evolved soul. I sensed that only another evolved energy could tune in to such a high vibration. As I stood mesmerized by the presence, the evolved spirit looked at me and entered the elevator, and the door closed.

I woke up from this dream at 2:10 a.m. As I opened my eyes, I smelled burning wax and knew that my candle had just burned out. What a coincidence that I woke just as my candle finished burning, I thought. I lay in bed thinking about my dream. Earth is just a schoolroom. Well, that would explain why I had to experience some of the worst and most painful earthly conditions. I felt comforted that Cashmere had made it to the other side and would always be with me. I then sat up in bed, turned on the lamp, and recorded this incredible dream in my dream journal.

After writing it down, I reread it a couple of times, in awe of what had taken place. Did I just leave my body and go on an incredible journey? Yes, and yes! I looked over my description and analyzed the dream. The quiet inside my home versus the hostility outside indicated that peace could only come from within. Looking externally for peace would only bring more discomfort. Cashmere was illuminated in white light, a sign that she was in pure spiritual form—happy and at peace—as white is the highest spiritual color. The elevator symbolized consciousness, or awareness. The right side of the elevator referred to the right side, or spiritual side, of the brain. The elevator ascending signified a journey through the levels of consciousness. The blue light surrounding the evolved energy indicated a master teacher or spirit guide. I had experienced a changing of the guides, I believed, and a new spirit guide was now assisting me to grow to a higher spiritual level.

What a gift, I thought. I ended my dream entry by thanking the universe for such a wonderful experience.

Earlier that evening I had wondered if pets were delayed in their transition to the spirit world, because I had heard that some human spirits became earthbound as ghosts. This was the first time I had lost a pet, and I really wanted to know if Cashmere had made it. These dream revelations were my answers and reward for allowing myself to grieve and let go. I quietly fell back asleep.

From that point, I noticed more “coincidences.” I felt as if a light switch had been turned on inside an extrasensory room in my mind. I didn’t know yet, but that instructive dream from Cashmere would start me on an amazing journey, punctuated by an astrological event. The divine secrets revealed to me were incredible. Unbelievable experiences presented themselves. This was the beginning of my true spiritual awakening. I didn’t yet know how tough this voyage would be or how active the afterlife had become.

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