Reviews & Kudos

I just want to say it was fascinating. Thank you for your work!                                                                                                       Dave – Connecticut

I am thrilled with my reading. You were so right on with so many things. It was Fabulous!

Patty – Florida

Thanks for the great readings! You are excellent at what you do!

Tina – Florida

You are a truly gifted soul. Thank you for the fabulous reading.

Imran – Florida

I absolutely love your reading! Very inspiring – Thanks!

Asma – Georgia

May I say how amazing you are! You just blow my mind! You gave me a fabulous reading!

Brenda – California

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was a wonderfully enriching and confirming session.

Suzie – California

I was quickly amazed of your description of myself, and of past life events that were very personal and unshared. Your information was very specific and not applicable to just anybody. You have a natural talent!

Christine – Florida

Thank you so much! You are excellent! The Cosmic King!

Melanie – California

Thanks a million! You were right on target!

Joyce – Florida

Thank you so much for the tape. I’m amazed at the results that coincide in my life. Your advise helped me.

Ayayo – Japan

You are amazing! I’m just blown away!

Carolyne – Florida

I really enjoyed the chart interpretation and your wonderful insight. You’ve helped me a great deal already.

Kelly – Florida

I want to thank you for the wonderful session. It really amazed me what you came up with – so on the mark. Thanks for your time.

Ralph – Florida

Thank you so much for doing this. You are very good at what you do. It really is right on and it helps.

Carol – Texas

I really enjoyed talking with you. You were very direct. It is rare to find people who are genuine like you. I just want to thank you.

Sherry – Florida

Thanks so much for a great reading. You just confirmed things that I need to do. I appreciate your insight and knowledge about astrology.

Laura – United Kingdom

I have just finished both your astrological readings for me and I am so pleased. They are the best readings I have ever had. Thank you very much.

Louise – California

I want to thank you for the mail order consultation. The reading was right on and further confirmed what I have known.

Sharon – Florida

Thank you so much for taking time to delve so deep into my reading. I can identify with my challenges and life’s lessons. I will make sure to overcome them. You are a blessing in my life.

Ruchira – Washington, D.C.

I have a tremendous sense of momentum in my life. I’m over the moon about my good fortune and personal growth in recent years. The precision of the chart information is humbling. Thanks You!

Emily – Florida

I just wanted to thank you for your reading. You were dead on!

Matt – Florida

I received the tape today and just finished listening to it. You’re amazing! Thank you so much.

Charlene – Texas

I listened to my tape and it was very profound! Wow! Thanks so much!

Jane – Kansas

Thanks for the reading. It was on the mark in every respect. I learned some things about my potential that I thought were “me” but wasn’t sure. You pretty much hit the nail on the times and types of events in my life.

Bruce – Texas

I want to thank you for the fabulous reading. It was most informative.

Sue – Florida

I recieved the mail order tape on Friday and I’m blown away. I don’t know why I waited so long, but I’m glad I did. Thanks!

Annette – Kansas

After taking time to let the consultation seek in, I feel great knowing that it is OK to appreciate the rewards of life. I’m very excited to write new material, and I thank you for being a guide.

Dewey – Florida

I value the reading you did for me so much. It was amazingly insightful and gave me some good clarity regarding my own intuitive sense of the changes going on in my life.

Gail – Missouri

I enjoyed my chart reading so much. It really helped me understand my life purpose.

Sheilah – Florida

I have enjoyed my astrology reading. It is very accurate and has given me clarity and guidance regarding certain aspects of my life. I feel you have a true gift.

Mike – Missouri

Thank you for a wonderful reading. It was so inspiring and loving. The information, concepts, and ideas triggered many lightbulbs in my head. I enjoyed listening to your voice and feel you have a true gift.

Maggie – California

WOW! You just blew me away with the interpretation of my chart. You are so totally accurate in the assessment of my personality, my inner nature, what drives me, and what inspires me.

Sylvia – Idaho

Thank You for your amazing reading. A lot of confirmation, clarification, and inspiration. Good Healing!

Charlotte – Pennsylvania

I loved the reading. I am amazed at how accurate it was. I am very impressed. I also liked your voice and presence.

Deborah – California

The astrology reading that you did for me was a wonderful experience of discovery and confirmation. Today I am feeling so very sure of my “mission” on Earth and attribute that to you.

Jane – Florida

I totally enjoyed listening to you. You’ve made me feel very enlightened. You certainly know your stuff!

Linda – Florida

You are so right on about the astrology reading. I am seeing real compensation for all of the years of hard work. It’s so weird that you could see that in my chart. Thanks!

Paul – New York

Thanks a lot for the reading. I agree with a lot of what you said.

Rich – New York

Oh My God, this reading is so accurate. It made the hair on the back of my arms stand up… I’m starting to become a real believer.

Valerie – New York

Thanks a lot for the astrology reading. it really does fit me. I liked it a lot!

Darren – Massachusetts

WOW! I received the mail order astrology tape and am very delighted. Thank you very much.

Andrea – New York

I want to thank you for your insight and expertise. I have listened to the tape often and recieve new insights each time.

Cynthia – Florida

Thank you for the wonderful session. I am amazed of your accuracy and feel re-connected on a very happy level.

Bonnie – Florida

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