Mercury Retrograde (April 9, 2017 – May 3, 2017)

Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, goes retrograde from April 9, 2017 – May 3, 2017. This can cause computer issues, traffic delays, and more importantly – misunderstandings.

This retrograde starts off in the financial sign of Taurus and ends up in the action sign of Aries. Mercury in Taurus likes to focus on one subject at a time, especially on finances and security. But when it enters the action sign of Aries on April 20th, watch out! The natural expression of Aries is “get it done now.” It feels more secure by taking action first, then learning from its errors after. This could be a field day for law enforcement with fast drivers on the road. Be aware of your speed and avoid a speeding ticket, and PLEASE be aware of texting and driving. Try and not respond impulsively to adverse situations or you’re likely to put your foot in your mouth. Continue reading Mercury Retrograde (April 9, 2017 – May 3, 2017)