2011 Astrological Forecast

(Inner Planets)

Mercury, the planet of communication, starts and ends the year in free- spirited Sagittarius. It takes Mercury roughly 10-11 months to complete its orbit around the sun. Mercury will retrograde three times this year. Communication issues arise, travel delays may occur, and computer problems are very common during these periods. Remember to read the fine print with all documents that require a signature. The retrograde periods are:

March 30 – April 23

August 2 – August 26

November 24 – December 13

Venus, the planet of love, starts the year in the sultry sign of Scorpio, and completes its orbit around the sun by October 28th.  Venus retrogrades every 18 months or so, but it is not schedule to do so this year. Venus transits are fast moving and subtle, so its impact is not imminent, unless it affects an eclipse or other cosmic aspects that occur simultaneously.

Mars, the planet of physical energy, begins the year in the steady sign of Capricorn, and ends in the hard working sign of Virgo. It will take Mars two years to complete its orbit around the sun. (December 2010 – December 2012.)  Mars retrogrades roughly every two years, but it is not schedule to do so this year. Mars transits affect the military, and it will have a profound impact when it retrogrades in 2012.

(Middle Planets)

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, completes its orbit through the idealistic sign of Pisces in mid-January and then enters both Aries (in late January) and Taurus (in early June). Jupiter then retrogrades in Taurus at the end of August until late December.

Jupiter takes 11-12 years to complete its orbit around the sun, so its visit last from 6-12 months depending if it retrogrades in a specific sign. Jupiter retrogrades for four months each year. The transit of Jupiter in fiery Aries from January 22nd until June 3rd will bring a spark of optimism, luck and opportunity for those born March 20 – April 19.

The transit of Jupiter in steady Taurus from June 4th until year end will also bring a spark of optimism, luck, and opportunity, but only for those who are born April 20 – May 1. This group will have an additional chance for expansion due to the retrograde period which allows Jupiter to resonate its lucky energy a little longer.

(Outer Planets)

Saturn, the planet of lessons, continues its trek though the diplomatic sign of Libra. This will trigger personal development and expose health concerns. Saturn also rules structure and discipline, so integrating a personal regime of exercise and rest is strongly suggested. This transit affects those born Oct 3 – 21.

Saturn’s orbit around the sun takes 28.5 – 29 years. It retrogrades for five months each year. This year’s retrograde period begins in late January and moves direct in mid June. This period punctuates the Saturn lessons for those born Oct 3 – 11.

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, re-enters the fiery sign of Aries in late March, then retrogrades in early July until it moves direct in early December. This transit presents an opportunity for exciting change, but it can also cause nervous energy and anxiety, if resistance to change is present. Uranus also brings great mental insight and in some cases, notoriety. This will impact those born March 20 – 25.

Uranus takes 82 – 83 years to orbit the sun. It retrogrades for 5 months each year. This year’s retrograde period begins in early July and moves direct in early December. This period of change will impact those born March 20 – March 26.

Neptune, the planet of idealism, starts the year at 26 degrees in the social sign of Aquarius and ends at 28 degrees by years end. Neptune is a slow moving planet and retrogrades 5 ½ months a year. Neptune does make a brief entry into Pisces in early April, and then retrogrades in early June until it moves direct in early November. Neptune’s transit triggers a strong desire to release unconscious blocks and to seek peace within. This will affect those born Feb 16 – 20.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, transits though the early degrees of steady sign of Capricorn. This transit will trigger a fate-like experience – such as meeting your life partner or a major event that could transform your life. This will affect those born Dec 26 – 30.

Pluto is the slowest moving planet and its orbit is nebulous and oblique, but its power is immense. Pluto will polarize the sensitive sign of Cancer, creating a possible power struggle in relationships. This will affect those born June 25 – 29. Pluto will also square the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra, triggering a major change in life. This will affect Aries born March 26 – 29 and Libra’s born Sept 28 – Oct 2.

(Lunar Cycles)

New moons are powerful cosmic alignments that trigger a change or new beginning in any area of life. The energy of the new moon usually stays for one year, beginning six month before the birthday and lasting six month after. Some new moons are also Solar Eclipses, and those marked as such, will have a significant year. Those born one day before or one day after are also influence by the yearly cycle of the new moon.

January 4 (Solar Eclipse)                           July 1 (Solar Eclipse)

February 2                                        July 30

March 4                                            August 28

April 3                                              September 27

May 3                                               October 26

June 1 (Solar Eclipse)                       November 24

December 24

Full moons signify a time of completion. They impact the domestic environment. This event can trigger relocation or a restructuring of the home life. Purchase or sale of real-estate is common during full moon years. The energy of the full moon also stays for one year, beginning six month before the birthday and lasting six month after. Some full moons are also lunar eclipses, and those marked as such, will have a significant year. Those born one day before or one day after are also influenced by the yearly cycle of the full moon.

January 19                                        July 15

February 18                                                August 13

March 19                                          September 12

April 17                                            October 11

May 17                                             November 10

June 15 (Lunar Eclipse)                    December 10 (Lunar Eclipse)

(Economy / Stock Market)

The instability of jobs and economic growth will continue this year. Uranus enters Aries in early March and this will impact the stock market. The last time Uranus entered Aries in the late ‘20s, the market went down. So if history repeats itself, this correction or market decline will be effective in late February and all of March. The price per barrel of oil will drop and so will the price of gas – which is good news. Jupiter then enters Taurus in early June, so a modest recovery is favorable.


I heard about this constellation between Scorpio and Sagittarius about two years ago. I did not feel an intuitive pull either way, so I felt that more needed to be uncovered and discovered.  Now that this “sign” has come to the surface, I’m still not comfortable with its description, and even more uncomfortable with the new date re-alignment of the existing twelve signs. My preliminary research, including my own chart, doesn’t fit the new date realignment. I will continue to interpret the celestial planets and signs that have existed forever, and await additional data that may arise in the future.

Cosmic Blessings,