Election Prediction / USA 2009-2012

by Martin Montes

Barack Obama (August 4, 1961):
Barack Obama’s chart shows a person who’s had to overcome some restrictive measures, from past lives, regarding career achievements and ambitions. Saturn, the career and responsibility planet, communicates with Uranus, the humanitarian and notoriety planet. Both planets are part of a configuration called the finger of fate, also known as a finger of god. This clearly shows a person who has garnered a ton of support – from past lives – to assist him on an important spiritual mission this time around. This combination of planets shows a soul who came to do significant work for the public…and I mean significant! Saturn’s placement shows that he needs to be self-less and inspirational to fulfill his duty for salvation and enlightenment. Uranus’s placement shows that he will be revered and praised for his humanitarian efforts. This is a strong karmic lesson and his unrelenting spirit of faith and optimism is his main focus. Continue reading Election Prediction / USA 2009-2012