Leonardo DiCaprio will win the Oscar – Tis written in the stars

Leonardo DiCaprio will win Oscar – Tis written in the stars.

January 14, 2016

Believers and non-believers have often quoted, “if the starts are aligned” or “if it’s written in the stars” as a plea – hoping that the universal time clock is correct for a positive outcome for a venture, passion, or proposal.

Although many don’t follow the cosmos, there’s a divine script that’s unfolding for everyone’s fate, and the time for great jubilation is written in the stars.

A couple years back, I prepared for my monthly TV appearance for the live morning show called, Studio 10, at the local CBS affiliate in Tampa Florida. I was to predict the winners for the Best Actor and Actress for the upcoming 2014 Academy Awards.

Enthusiastically, I ran astrological birth charts for all the nominees the night before and sat for hours reviewing each blueprint in my home office. I studied the best male categories first and eliminated three charts within the first hour. I was down to two charts, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Both were Scorpio’s and had active charts, meaning that current planetary alignments were triggering their birth planets. The cosmos were impacting their destinies. Being nominated is a huge achievement, but I had to look for a stellar influence that would catapult one of them to the ultimate price – The Oscar.

It was important for me to get this prediction correct. After all, I predicted the last three presidential winners using astrology, including the last two elections on live TV. More than my reputation being scrutinized, I really wanted the science of astrology to get the credit it deserves. I’m just the interpreter – everything else is written in the stars.

Since Matthew McConaughey had the most active chart, with multiple planetary triggers, it overpowered Leonardo’s dynamics. So with glee and confidence, I made the decision to accurately predict Matthew as the winner back in 2014. However, I had the ability to see into the future and saw that Leonardo would be influenced by many planetary transits in two years. The Planet Saturn, which describes career acheievements will be strongly impacted by Uranus, the planet of fame, and Pluto, the planet of power. With that knowledge, I looked up to the heavens and said, “Leonardo, your time will come in 2 years when you’re 41. You will win the Oscar in 2016.” It’s written in the stars!

Marty Montes is an astrological life coach, motivational speaker, and the author of a captivating spiritual memoir and inspiring self-help book called “Spirited Schoolroom – The Earthly lessons and adventures of a healer.” For more information, please visit: http://cosmiccuisine.com/